EPESI modules are an easy way of extending the CRM with additional functionality. Think of modules as building blocks - you can stack them - one on top of another - to create different shapes. The same way with EPESI and included modules you can create web application with different functionality. It is a way to customize EPESI for different purposes. For example, we have modules for construction companies, employment agencies, software developers and many more.

You can obtain many modules from our EPESI Store, which you can access directly from your EPESI installation. With our offer we try to reflect the various needs of different kinds of businesses. All our solutions are based on real companies and their workflow, which guarantees that our modules are well suited for business practice. You are of course not limited to our modules - EPESI makes it easy to create and include new extensions and any software developer will be able to make them.


Address Book of Companies

Epesi bases on simple address book of companies and contacts. Thanks to that you may quickly browse all details of companies (customers and vendors which you corporate with). Among other useful options, your data base of a companies contains filters, that allows you finding particular information very quickly, no matter how many records you have.


Address Book of Individuals

Besides the companies address book, Epesi has an advanced data base for personal contacts of people related with your work. Contacts are necessary for efficient work as well as companies, because most of modules are related to this type of records.


Shared Calendar with Alerts

Using this tool you can create, change and view events. You can use it as a planner, organizer and reminder. Calendar can display events in a few different ways: day, week, month, year view and also agenda – that gives you possibility to view events in a few useful orders, for example chronologically. You can switch between views by clicking on the relevant tabs that allows you managing and monitoring your company’s events quickly and effortlessly.

To Do

Shared Task List - To Do

Epesi CRM is equipped with extended system of projects and tasks that allows keeping your work in order. You can simply divide your projects to tasks, refer them to particular employees and monitor any progress. Thanks to the system of tasks you can also easily calculate time and costs of work about particular project.

Phone Calls Log

Phone Calls Log

This module is an automated version of “While You Were Out” - popular in offices in USA. Outdated paper solution becomes replaced by this tool that allows you to remember about calls and visits and also to archive these notes. User decides how to use this module.

Notes and Files

Document Management

Every kind of records like contacts, company data as well as tasks, projects or events are archived in Epesi database. You can find it easily at any time you need it. Archive system allows attaching notes as well as files to every kind of record, thanks to that you can keep your company documentation clear and you will never have troubles with identification of past records.

E-mail client

E-mail client - Roundcube IMAP

Epesi has an integrated Roundcube webmail IMAP client, a browser-based multilingual e-mail client with an application-like user interface. It provides full functionality you can expect from an e-mail client, including MIME support, address book, folder manipulation, message searching and spell checking.


Exclusive Click2Fill Form Filling

Is an Epesi unique feature that simplifies the process of filling out any form. You don’t need to fill out manually or use copy/paste to enter values individually for each field on the form for a record, which can be cumbersome and time consuming. Instead, with this tool you can copy and paste a text string into a window above the form. Click2Fill will scan the string and separate each word as a particular value represented as a button. The user simply selects value(s) by clicking on a button or buttons and then click on the field to fill it with a desired value. It can be a useful tool while creating new contact for example copying last name, first name, address etc. from the e-mail’s signature.


Unique Watchdog module monitoring record changes

The Watchdog is an Epesi unique module that informs you about changes made by other users to records that you observe. You may configure the applet to show you information that you are interested, ignoring others, and give them priority level. Thanks to that module you can keep your eye on everything that is going on in your company, no matter how many employees you do have and how many operations are going every day.

Permission System

Advanced Permission System

Epesi has an advanced system of permission levels for users. As a super administrator or administrator you can manage permissions for other users in simple way, making a clear structure of management and work.


Internal Messenger

Among other tools in Epesi you can find simple and useful messaging tool - Shoutbox. It allows you to contact with other users by text message, that will be visible to everyone or particular person.

Customizable Shortcuts

Customizable shortcuts - quick access

Attempting to create easy to use and effective CRM, that saves your time and improves your efficiency, Epesi has adjusted almost whole system to customize it for your needs. Starting from main dashboard up to particular modules, you can set your tools in any order and hiding information and applets that you don’t use. Thanks to that your screen will be always clear and you will be able to focus only on important data.

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