General Contractors Projects

General Contractors Projects is a bundle of modules for General Contractors in various industries, developed and fine tuned over 16 years of use. It solves Project Management, Scheduling, and some basic accounting problems. Integrated Gantt Chart provides a bird view of your business activities and Project Planner solves very tedious and labor intensive tasks of job scheduling.

The purpose of the GC Projects modules bundle is cost control, scheduling with employee notifications, and billing based on a very detailed work report, which is a schedule. It handles Bill of Materials, Rental equipment, Shop equipment, and other expenses related to the project.

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General Contractors Projects Features

  • Contractors Project Management - Complex recordset of Constructors projects including Dates, Accounting, Changes, Work history and summary, Notes, Emails, Gantt Chart (Shceduling), project issues, lift and shop equipment
  • Change Orders - Detailed recordset for storing project modifications with its status, value, estimated materials and menhours need
  • Issues - Detailed recordset about project modifications
  • Schedule Planner - Built-in conflict resolution
  • Planner's notifications - Every "event" is e-mailed as a separate entry with all details needed by the employee (individual daily schedules)
  • Lift Equipment
  • Shop Equipment
  • Reports - of Follow up projects, Manhours report, Projects by Estimator and Projects by General Contractors
  • Visits - List of visits, its dates, types, reason and relations
  • Smart notifications - Informational Tooltips shows you what is missing while entering data. Warning tooltips show date conflicts and do not allow entering a busy employee for another work.
  • Translations - Epesi supports on the fly translation of Labels and field names. GC Projects can be translated into Contracts, Work Diary etc. allowing you to tailor naming for your preferences.


Gantt%20Chart Gantt_Chart2 Smart notify

Modules required


Commercial Epesi License for Premium modules
MIT license for Epesi Core and CRM

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